Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

A BHBIS Pre-Purchase Building Inspection is essential for anyone buying a property. Our Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Service ensures you have all the information on your new property before purchase. The inspection and report are prepared by a Master Builder and licensed Building Inspector, Reinhard Kabelitz. Our report goes beyond the Australian Standard (4349.1) to ensure you are provided with all the information you need to purchase your new home or investment property with confidence..

What to Expect

A BHBIS Pre-Purchase Building Inspection will alert you to any defects your potential new home may have prior to making a financial commitment. The report will show clear evidence of Major Structural Defects, Safety Hazards, Conditions Conducive to Structural Damage, and we also list significant minor defects that may require ongoing maintenance.

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New roof, covering incomplete
Box gutter, vermin & water access point
Cladding & 2nd fix complete, but door & corner leaks
Salt Bloom
Balcony Leak
Lacks Downpipe
Carpet Water Damage
Wet Skirting
Bushfire Zone, tile under sarking hangs down, embers able to fall into wall frame.
Wet Floor Frame
Salt Damp
Door Leak
Slab Salt Damp
Ponding Gutter
Leaking tiled balcony into garage below – common fault
Footing drops causing weatherboards to bow down
Weatherboard bowing down due to footing dropped
Block work leaks, timber floor destroyed
Internal wall pushed over by wet & expanding floor
Shower ponds water, Safety Issue
Roof tiles leak; foam repaired
Oven, pushed back to hide problem, live wires found, Safety Issue

BHBIS Inspection Reports

All BHBIS Reports are written by a registered Master Builder and are comprehensive and easy to read. Our licensed Building Inspector will get on top of the roof, inside the roof, and under the property depending on accessibility. Not only are we happy to provide you with a thorough inspection and comprehensive report, but we will take the time to personally discuss any questions you may have and provide you with our advice.

Want us to check specific areas? Just let us know your concerns and we will pay special attention to the issue.

We are happy to provide a soft copy, or hard copy of our report. Our professional reports can contain digital photographs detailing concerns or defects and advice on any necessary repairs.

We recommend pre‑purchase inspections are conducted during your cooling‑off period so they are unconditional and you may withdraw without being subject to grey area justification. Please contact us to book and carry out your inspection in this minimum timeframe, or if you have any questions.