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Better Home & Building Inspections provides homebuyers with comprehensive and timely pre-purchase inspections, giving you a complete building inspection report. Owner and principal consultant Reinhard Kabelitz has over 30 years experience in residential, commercial and industrial construction. He is a registered Master Builder and Building Supervisor (Reg. No. G159383) and fellow of the Association of Building Consultants. Reinhard remains committed to continual professional development which ensures he has current up to date knowledge on all facets relating to the Australian Building Code and 'best practice' building methods, technical fault assessments and compliance.


At Better Home & Building Inspections we know that buying a home is the biggest financial decision you will ever make so it is essential you make an informed decision by getting building inspectors to survey the structure of the house. Knowing as much about the condition of the property before you make the decision will help you avoid excessive additional costs, which could hurt you financially. The best way to avoid this is to get a building report from experienced building inspectors. At Better Home & Building Inspections we recommend inspections are conducted during your cooling off period so they are unconditional and you may withdraw without being subject to grey area justification. Please contact us by phone to enable us to book and carry out your inspection in this minimum time frame.


Our property inspections have saved many residents from making unnecessary and expensive mistakes when buying, building or maintaining a property. Our friendly building consultants are fully qualified and well versed in all aspects of the building industry. Better Home & Building Inspections are members of the HIA amongst other leading industry associations so you can rest assured that you are dealing with professionals that abide by a code of ethics and high standards. When you need a thorough building inspection, Better Home & Building Inspections are the specialists, providing professional home pre-purchase and construction inspections, asbestos content surveys, commercial building inspections, as well as preparation of technical fault and maintenance reports for statutory warranty issues.


All potential home buyers can benefit from our services and we ensure that you receive the most comprehensive building inspection report. Better Home & Building Inspections has built its reputation on trust and reliability and our keen eye for detail, will leave you better equipped to evaluate your dream home.


Better Home & Building
Inspections services include:


  • Pre-purchase Home Building Inspections
  • Construction Inspections prior to release of Progress Payments
  • Maintenance Reports - Post Construction
  • Owner Builder Inspection and Guidance
  • Roof Framing/Trusses Compliance Sign-off
    - ID 1091 785162 002
  • Technical Fault Reports and Guidance
  • Crack assessment, Advice & Guidance
  • Asbestos Surveys


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Let Better Home & Building Inspections take the worry out of buying real estate so that you can be happy with your home for many years to come.

The money spent on a Building Report is small change compared to the price of your real estate purchase and possible hidden costs you may not otherwise be aware of.




For more information on the services we provide or if you would like one of our licensed consultants to provide a building inspection contact Better Home & Building Inspections on 1800 024 200 (free call) or on 0418 947 930.

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